September 4, 2020
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The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has
praised lower Eastern Members of Parliament (MPs) for uniting to produce a ‘corona song’ that
inspires hope and also creates awareness on the global pandemic.
On Thursday 10th September,2020 during the launch of the song at the Nairobi Film Centre (NFC),
Dr. Mutua said the move by the lower Eastern legislators is worth being emulated by other leaders,
adding that their unity in producing the song shows that leaders can unite for a good cause, and
that everything does not have to be politicized or vulgar.
“The legislators from lower Eastern have set a good example that should be emulated by other
leaders across the country in promoting clean content,” the Board’s CEO said.
Dr. Mutua noted that KFCB worked with the Kiio Wambua Foundation and music producer Toby
Bisengo to produce the ‘corona song’ whose theme is to encourage Kenyans to observe measures
put in place by the Ministry of Health (MoH) in stopping the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.
While observing that Art is a powerful tool for promoting values and national aspirations, Dr.
Mutua said that it is incumbent upon all responsible artistes to embrace clean content and shun
vulgarity, adding that content does not have to be dirty to sell or entertain.
The CEO added that KFCB will continue to work with MPs and County Governments to identify
and nurture talent while inculcating moral responsibility among the youth.
“As a regulator of film and broadcast content, we shall continue to support creatives in the industry
to generate content that embraces our culture and promotes national values and aspirations,” Dr.
Mutua reiterated.
At the same time, the KFCB CEO challenged the media to give prominence to initiatives like the
‘corona song’ produced by the lower Eastern legislators and give black out to warmongers.
Speaking at the launch, the Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka lauded the partnership between Kiio
Wambua Foundation, the lower Eastern legislators and KFCB in producing the ‘Corona song’.
He noted that the launch of the Covid-19 song reiterates the Government’s efforts in combating
the Covid-19 pandemic.
“There is need for us to continue creating awareness on Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic is still
with us and Kenyans must observe the guidelines,” Lusaka said.
On her part, ICT Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Maureen Mbaka applauded KFCB for
having a vision of identifying, tapping and nurturing youth talent through initiatives like the
Sinema Mashinani.
She noted that at this time when the country is still battling Covid-19 pandemic, it is important for
creatives to focus on producing positive content.
“We can use Arts as a vehicle to create awareness on challenges facing the society and also
empower communities,” the CAS said.