Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential management component for organizations. Although it has been taken up by mostly private or commercial entities, we at KFCB are confident about contributing to the welfare of both our internal and external customers.

Aside from what it is popularly known for, we believe that CSR is the deliberate and conscious effort to work towards ensuring that the dignity, health, environment and general growth of customers and the community is sustained. CSR then takes a much bigger role which is clearly defined in our CSR policy.

The policy is our blueprint on what corporate social responsibility means to us. It focuses on six key pillars, namely:

i.                    Human Rights

ii.                  Labour Practices

iii.                Community Involvement and Development

iv.                Consumer Issues

v.                  The Environment

vi.                Fair Operating Practices.

These are the pillars that are currently supporting the foundation of Kenya’s society and we aim to implement this blueprint as our guide in developing a sustainable future for Kenya. To our valued stakeholders, we will readily acknowledge and welcome your feedback on what will undoubtedly elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of our current blueprint.

We would like to assure our customers that this endeavour is not aimed at profiting our Board. Neither is it a venture which will involve the typical and commonly defined parameters that society has taken CSR to represent. In fact, as a non-commercial state corporation, we recognize the need to improve our operations in order to make a difference. Therefore, our satisfaction is in knowing that beyond working within the laws governing this great nation, we have a duty to bring a positive change to our work-place, environment and the community at large.