The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) is a State Corporation mandated by the Film and Stage Plays Act Cap 222, to regulate film and broadcast content to promote culture and values as well as to protect children from exposure to harmful content. The Kenya Information and Communications Act (KICA) empowers the Board to impose age restrictions to ensure that content which depicts or contains scenes that are rated as adult or are of the language intended for adult audiences are not aired during the watershed period (between 5am –10 pm). KICA also mandates the Board to enforce the programming Code for the free-to-air radio and TV services by ensuring that all programme and non-programme matter, namely: commercials, infomercials, documentaries, programme promotions, programme listings, community service announcements and station identifications are classified before they air.
 The Captains of Industry 2019 Edition:
Profiling Transformational Leadership