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Kenya Film Classification Board.

The Kenya Film Classification Board Was established in the 1930’s as a statutory body with a regulatory role under part III of the films and Stage plays act cap.222 of the of laws of Kenya. The Act has empowered the Board to classify films for public exhibition and to ensure that they conform to national aspirations.

The Board operates as a Body corporate under the Ministry of sports culture and the arts. The Ministry provides the necessary resources and policy direction that supports operations of the board. Currently, the government has developed policy proposals to restructure the board to enable it improve service delivery to the public.

Our Objectives

  • To examine and classify new films and posters.
  • To develop guidelines for classification of films
  • To regulate exhibitions of film contents to the public
  • To facilitate inspection of video and cinema outlets

    Our Standards

    •    Issue licenses within 15 minutes after application
    •    Examination and classification of films and posters to be done immediately as requested by cinema theatres
    •    Carry out video inspections on weekly basis
    •    Address customer’s enquiries and complaints immediately
    •    Carry out public education and sanitization programs, quarterly update film classification catalogue daily
    •    Prepare vouchers within a maximum of 1 day
    •    Respond to enquiries and complaints immediately
    •    Issue classification stickers within 10 minutes
    •    Carry out customer survey annually/>

    Range of Services

    •    Field inspections
    •    Sensitization of the stakeholders and the public
    •    Examination and classifying films
    •    Carry out research and documentation
    •    Sourcing for equipments
    •    Training
    •    Recruitment of manpower
    •    Outsourcing services


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