March 6, 2018
March 13, 2018
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Dr. Ezekiel Mutua MBS, Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) attended the 90th Oscars Academy Awards nominations in support of the Kenyan nominated film Watu Wote in Hollywood,Los Angeles,California,USA on March 5th, 2018.
Dr. Mutua, on behalf of the government and the president of Kenya congratulated the Watu Wote (All of Us) film for making it to the Oscars and promised more government support for creatives in the film industry.
“It was nice to see them in high spirit, full of energy and ideas to keep working hard despite not having clinched an Oscar. These are very promising young creatives. With good mentorship and support they can use the Oscars’ experience to do great things in this industry” Dr. Mutua said.
Watu Wote was nominated in the Best Live Action Short Film category alongside The Silent Child (winner), Dekalb Elementary,The Eleven O’Clock, and My Nephew Emmett.
The Kenyan Watu Wote crew that graced the red carpet in the glamorous Dolby Theatre were co-producer Matrid Nyagah, Krysteen Savane, Nancy Aluoch Reagan, Adelyne Nimo, Bramwel Iro, and Blogger, Charlie Karumi.
During their stay in USA, KFCB sponsored the exclusive screening of Watu Wote film at the Eclipse Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Dr. Mutua was honored to be the Chief Guest at the screening and spoke on opportunities available for investments in the film industry in Kenya.
“Kenya is home to film star Lupita Nyongo starring in the latest blockbuster Black Panther film, the notorious Big Five, famous 8th wonder annual Wildebest migration and the 1st country to fully migrate from analogue to digital broadcasting platforms”, he said.
While at the Eclipse Theatre, Dr. Mutua had fruitful discussions and interactions with members of the Urban Chamber of Commerce of the State of Nevada led by the CEO Mr. Ken Evans.
The KFCB CEO and Mr. Evans discussed areas of collaborations between the Chamber and the Board in guiding co-production support for the film industry in Kenya and other related business ventures between the US and Kenya.
The Watu Wote film crew, courtesy of KFCB and their host coordinator Mr. Cameron Miller CH, a renowned film producer in Las Vegas, were also taken for a tour of the notable Universal Studios, Beverly Hills, The walk of Fame and the Hollywood Hills.
Mr. Miller was the special guest at the International Film Convention held in Nairobi last year and he linked the Kenyan team with the Urban Chamber of Commerce, key individuals and other institutions seeking co-productions with Kenya.
Dr. Mutua and the Kenyan team thanked the Nevada Partners Community Centre led by the CEO Ms Monica Ford, The Nevada Film Office and Management of the Eclipse Theatre for their support and hospitality during the two-day tour of Las Vegas.
The Kenyan team was taken around the Eclipse Theatre by the CEO Rooney Chichester and the management to see the exquisite structure and design of the facility.
The one-week KFCB-Oscars tour, was undoubtedly successful for enabling Kenyan team to meet key individuals and institutions seeking partnerships and investment opportunities in Kenya.