March 15, 2016
April 19, 2016
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The Kenya Film Classification Board will work closely with the Consumers Federation of Kenya (Cofek) to ensure compliance to established media content distribution regulations in the interests of national moral values, and upholding the welfare of content consumers in Kenya.This follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two organisations, outlining the areas of collaboration towards an efficient and effective realization of their respective functions.In the detailed framework of cooperation, Cofek and KFCB will, among other objectives, support each other to ensure consumers -especially children – are protected against inappropriate content through adhece to the watershed principles.Speaking at the signing ceremony, KFCB Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ezekiel Mutua expressed the Board’s pleasure at partnering with Cofek, saying the collaboration underscores KFCB’s commitment to working closely with other organisations from both the public and private sectors.The CEO, however, raised concern over rising neglect of content distribution regulations, which include breaches of watershed principles and other laws governing the distribution of audio visual content.He said the bulk of the violations are being perpetrated through advertisements, Television programmes, and unlicensed distribution of film and video games. He added that the Board had received a lot of complaints regarding a section of public transport vehicles, where sexually lurid content is being exhibited without any regard to the law.”To address these concerns, KFCB intends to roll out a broad strategy that will target ensuring compliance to regulations for distribution and exhibition of computer/video games, including music videos played in public service vehicles. The strategy will also entail ensuring telenovelas, soap operas and radio talk shows meet the expectations of the law,’ he said.He said the Board was collaborating with other agencies to regulate online content through underway policy reviews, adding that KFCB was making its contribution in the effort.”We have reached out to Google Kenya and are participating in the Web Rangers programme to help the youth to understand the dangers of content,’ he said.On his part, KFCB Chairman Bishop Jackson Kosgei welcomed the partnership with Cofek, saying the collaboration showed that the Board’s concerns are not about KFCB but about the welfare of the country.His Cofek counterpart Mr. Ephraim Kanake said it is important to observe moral values as they have a lot of benefits to the country.Cofek Secretary General Mr. Stephen Mutoro said the Federation was happy to work with KFCB, noting that consumer welfare in the distribution of film and media content has been ignored for a long time. He encouraged KFCB to continue working to ensure protection against inappropriate content.” Let’s support KFCB. The work they are doing is not moral policing. They are contributing to the success of the country,’ he said.