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August 27, 2016
September 1, 2016
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What’s Good Network podcast clarification

Following reports about an alleged lesbian programme reportedly hosted by ‘popular lesbian celebrities’, the Kenya Film Classification Board has held a meeting with Ms. Tilo Ponder who is the CEO of What’s Good Network, where episodes of the podcast were produced. Ms. Ponder has clarified that the production was not a TV programme as reported online but a podcast.

Admitting that it was produced at her network’s facilities, Ms. Ponder has however faulted the ‘provocative nature’ of the advertising fliers, which she has said misrepresented the actual content.

‘The podcast was not lesbian. It was addressing issues such as the rise in HIV cases. Although the fliers suggested that the podcast’s was about lesbianism, there was nothing of the sort in the actual content’, she said.

‘However, I was not comfortable with how it was being advertised. The advertising fliers were provocative. I did not personally like what happened. The marketing culturally offended people,’ she said, adding that the podcast was eventually suspended as the number of listeners was plummeting.

On his part, KFCB Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ezekiel Mutua said an offense was committed when the poster announced the podcast was going to involve illegal activities.

‘The matter is still pending as we finalize on our investigations. We however thank you for providing the Board with useful information that will help in dealing with the matter,’ he said .

The CEO was happy that the the network has a filming license from KFCB as required under the Films and Stage Plays Act.

Ms. Ponder committed to fully comply with the terms of the license and to cooperate with the Board in investigations into the nature of content distributed on her platform and comply with classification ratings.